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Fischerscope 2017/1

Two new trade fairs on the ­Fischer calendar

Trade fairs provide a good opportunity to exchange ideas about the needs that different industries have for measurement technology. This is why Fischer takes part in more than 60 trade fairs every year worldwide.

Going from Cr(VI) to Cr(III)

From bathroom fittings to the high-tech injection nozzles for diesel engines – chromium is beautiful, chromium is useful, chromium is everywhere. However, many chromium compounds are toxic. This is why with the new REACH regulation chromium use has to be authorized.

XAN500 – Flexible RFA measurement technology

With its updated X-RAY XAN®500, Fischer brings a unique device to market. The XAN500 is the world’s first mobile X-ray fluorescence instrument that measures metal-alloy coatings, e.g. zinc and nickel reliably and accurately.

Correctly measuring fire protection coatings

Fire protection coatings can mean the difference between life and death. With the DUALSCOPE® FMP40 and the FA70 probe, Fischer offers the ideal solution for accurately measuring unusually thick intumescent coatings on rough surfaces like those on steel beams

Industry 4.0 Quality assurance for modern industry

More than 100 years ago, when Henry Ford introduced the assembly line in his factory, he changed the working world. Today, the industry is facing another revolution, and it demands measuring instruments that can do more than just measure.

Terahertz: A revolution in thickness measurement

Automotive paint has to withstand a lot: stone-chips, frost or heat. Complex multi-layer coatings and lacquers on plastic push the measuring technology to its limits. Fischer finally makes it possible to measure multiple layers of paint irrespective of the substrate – non-destructively.

Swiss: Where clocks keep up with the times

In Northwest Switzerland, the Jura Mountains run along the border to France. A perfect place for hikers to rest and to enjoy nature. And yet, this secluded area is also home to a world-famous industry: Swiss watches.

Between Ginkgo, Gauss and Goethe

Nature and technology, art and science – Helmut Fischer’s perspective on life links these seeming contrasts with one another. At the Fischer Museum in the Sindelfingen headquarters, visitors can experience his life’s work, as well as our company's history and values.

Calibrating correctly

A gauge can only deliver correct results if it has been scrupulously calibrated. Here, we answer some questions about what you should consider when calibrating tactile gauges.

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